Top 10 Bollywood Adult Movies 2021 | list of Indian Adult Movies

Today we will tell you about Bollywood Adult Movies. If you like watching Indian adult movies, then you must watch these adult movies in Bollywood. Every Hindi Bollywood film has a different kind of spice and flavour.

Be it action, drama, comedy or just divine romance, these films release on Friday with high hopes of doing well at the box office. However, every Bollywood film has to go through the big daddy aka censor board to be flagged for release.

Bollywood Adult Movies
Indian adult movies

But when this big daddy is upset, he makes sure that the children are suffering, in other words, there are some adult movies that are worth watching but still get banned.

Bollywood Adult Movies

Here is a list of 4 such Bollywood Adult Movies which are Banned but available on YouTube.

1. Un-freedom

Un-freedom Bollywood Adult Movies

According to the news, the first film Un-Freedom is a hot Bollywood adult film in Hindi. The censor board has stopped the film as the film is based on the relationship between the two girls. There are so many obscene scenes in the film that it cannot be seen sitting in the family. The film was to be released in the month of May 2015. This film was directed by Raj Amit Kumar.

Although the film received a release in North America, it was banned by the Central Film Board, which refused to certify it for public release in the country. The story envisages a closed lesbian in New Delhi who kidnaps her bisexual lover for love.

Watch this movie trailer on YouTube – Un-freedom

this movie is banned in India – Not available on YouTube

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2. Bandit Queen

Bandit Queen Indian adult movies

The introduction of Bandit Queen in 1994 rocked Bollywood. The film was based on the true story of a woman who turned into a bandit in the Chambal Valley and was called Phool Devi. The main character was played by Seema Biswas. Even though the adult film was banned, it won the National Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi.

The film which garnered several awards, the real Phoolan Devi severely disputed its accuracy, endangering itself if the film was released. However, women activists accused director Shekhar Kapoor of exploiting Phoolan Devi and misrepresenting the facts.

Watch this movie on YouTube – Bandit Queen

3. Kamasutra 3D

Kamasutra 3D

Sherlyn Chopra was the lead actress in the 2013 erotic drama film Kamasutra. This classic erotica was the only Indian film to have five songs selected in the original song competition category for the 86th Academy Awards.

Due to the sloppy and erotic scenes in the film, the censor board did not give the green signal and the film was limited to YouTube. This Hindi hot Bollywood adult film was directed by Rupesh Paul, it was the story of a young and beautiful Indian princess looking for her husband and performing nude scenes of Chopra uploaded to YouTube.

Watch this movie on YouTube – Kamasutra 3D

4. URF Professor

URF Professor

Such ‘adult comedies’ are rarely released in India. The film ‘URF Professor’ also could not get the green signal from the censor board due to its bold scenes. The film also featured actors like Manoj Pahwa and Anant Mali in addition to famous actor Sharman Joshi. The film was to be released in 2001.

The film was produced by Pankaj Advani. URF Professor is undoubtedly one of the best adult comedies of Indian cinema, and not to see the light of day along with the biggest tragedy of Indian cinema. Neither the film featured a great actor, nor did it have great music, but it was great in its authenticity and its bold scene.

Watch this movie on YouTube – URF Professor


This was the Bollywood adult movie that you must watch once, if you want to see such Indian adult movies, then visit our website again.

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