Best Real-Time Lock App v1.4.0 Download for Android

If you want to Time Lock App in your mobile. Then I will tell you how to download Time Lock Hoga Toga. With this, you can also Lock the Image of your mobile.

this app is very special. With the help of screen time lock app, you can make your time password the time that is showing in your mobile.

Real-Time Lock App – Time Lock Hoga Toga

Time Lock App

Time lock This is an Android application with the help of which you can install Timing lock Hoga Toga in your mobile. If your mobile is currently at 10: 22, then your password will also be 1022.

If you give someone a mobile and he asks for the password, then you can feel free to tell him the password once but when he enters the same password for the second time, lock it. Your password will not be changed every 1 minute.

Lock Image for Android

There are many images in your mobile that you do not want to show to people, if you like to see that image yourself, then you can also lock images, for this you will need a time lock application. You can lock any images by adding to it

App NameTime Lock App
PublisherAdria Devs
Size15.0 MB
Current Versionv1.4.0
Get It OnGoogle Play Store
UpdateAugust 03, 2021

What is the use of time lock?

Using time lock is very simple, for this you have to download this application, whose link we have given below here, you will get this screen time lock on Google Play Store by this name, you can also download from there.

Time Pin Lock App on Android

When you use the default lock system of your mobile, you have to enter the same password repeatedly, whenever you enter the password, then anyone can see it, then they know that password.

But here with the help of time pin lock, your password will be changed again and again and this application is very useful for Android users.

How can you use this Screen time Lock app

real time password app
  • You have to download the Screen Time Lock app to use this application.
  • When your application is open, you must give some permission.
  • After permitting permission, you have to enable the time lock app.
  • In it, you can lock any app, photos.
  • When this application is enabled, you will be asked a recovery question, you have to answer it.
  • After that, your mobile will be locked.
  • Then you have to enter the lock PIN password.
  • You will get the time lock password on your screen.
  • You can unlock the lock by entering your password that is running your time.

How to Download Time Lock App

  • I have given a link to the time lock app here, you have to click on that link.
  • As soon as you click on the link, you will go to the downloading page.
  • There you have to wait for some time after that the downloading button will show in front of you.
  • To download that app is to download and install.

Time Lock App Features.

Screen time lock app has many features.

Vault Lock Image

If there is some image in your mobile that you want to hide, you can hide that image with the help of it and its password will change every 1 minute. That is your time password.

screen time lock app

Video Vault Lock

You can lock any video just like a lock image. For this, you have to select the video and add it. It has also been given very good features

App Lock

If you use a lot of apps, then here are also features to lock those apps, with the help of which no one can open any application without your permission.

Time Password

Here you have to enter the time password instead of the normal PIN, this has been given the best features, here your password will be the same as the time show in your mobile.

time password

Time Pin Lock Reverse Modifier

In this feature, you have to enter reverse by modifying the time you have. Suppose your time is 1022, then you have to enter 2201 this password.

Change Sliding Text

When your mobile is on the lock screen then you slide it, then you can also add your own text there like your name is your favorite sentence etc.

Change Wallpaper

If you do not like a wallpaper, then you can change it anytime and apply any wallpaper of your own.

Lock Image

Change the Theme

If you want to change a theme of Timing lock App, then you can change it, here you have given a lot of themes that you like, you can select and activate that theme.


In this way, you can enjoy this application by using the Time lock app and Time password. Here you have been given many such features which I cannot tell you here but when you install the Screen time lock application and open it, then you will see all those options.

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